We provide you with and implement design recommendations to maximise the usability of your website.

We build websites to the "F" useability standard.

The Internet is user/customer driven and site useability is perhaps the most important attribute to consider. Font styles for clarity, use of white space and colour can add impact and well written content can increase the "stickiness" of your website keeping visitors for longer and encouraging repeat visits, as well as allowing for the diversity of the global marketplace. We can also assist you with language translations of your site should you wish to target international markets.

Useability is also about navigating your website - that it is easy, obvious and utilises existing Internet symbolism and structures.

Loading times and the "F" layout are major factors affecting "stickiness" and visitor satisfaction.

This can be achieved with appropriate layout, coding, logo, banner and image handling within your site.

Finally, two more of the major factors affecting the the usability of your site is the level of trust your visitors experience with your website, particularly if you wish to offer your products and services for sale online. These factors are privacy and security. Privacy relates to how you intend to handle personal information visitors provide on your website and security is concerned with the security of providing credit card information.

We can assist you with solutions to address these factors.

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